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Natural Bamboo Hair Brush and Detangler With Free Travel Set

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When you use our hair brushes with wooden bristles, there are actually things at work that you may not expect and that plastic and metal bristles just don’t do for you. The wood bristles help to naturally condition your hair by distributing the natural oils of your hair down each strand while you brush. Because of the combined benefit of the wide bristles (with balls on the end) and the cushion on the brush, they massage your scalp better and enhance circulation, thus giving you a stress-free brushing experience. They are designed so they are much less likely to break your hair (or even snag) when using them to detangle or when just brushing and styling. They are very gentle on your hair because they have more give, something metal and plastic doesn’t have. Lastly, they don’t produce static and I’m sure you recognize the benefit of that! All of this combines to give you a healthier scalp with a healthier and fuller head of hair!

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Our brushes are designed with you in mind. They are made of the highest-quality materials so they won’t break or fall apart. They are made to last as long as possible in spite of heavy pulling and abuse that day to day brushing and detangling put on them. They are lightweight and have no harsh rubber smell. The handles fit comfortably in your hand, allowing you to easily control the brush. The wide head is perfect for detangling or brushing dry or wet hair – and bring on the thick and curly hair! And by the way, they work just as well on fine and/or thin hair so you don’t have to worry about breaking those hair strands, we’ve got you covered. To put it simply, they are perfect for everyday brushing of all thicknesses and lengths so you can have your hair exactly how you want it – the best style possible!

Many hair brushes are made almost entirely of rubber and plastic, neither of which are biodegradable. They could take hundreds of years to break down. Welcome to Earth’s Daughter’s Earth-Friendly Essentials! Our hair brushes use the least plastic or rubber possible, we have to use rubber for the cushion, there’s just no way around it – brushes with a cushion are far better for your hair and scalp than hard brushes without the cushion. The handle and bristles are made from Bamboo. Our packaging is all plant based. And because our hair brushes are mainly from Bamboo, they are made from a renewable resource (did you know Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, some species grow as much as 3 or 4 inches in a single day and there are others that grow even faster!). Yes, Earth’s Daughter is more Earth-friendly and conscientious than your typical company. And we are working for a change in society. And yes, we are proud of this fact!

Now understand we don’t want to just make Mother Earth happy. She’s just part of the equation. Day in, day out, you run plastic or rubber over your scalp and through your hair. These are the by-products of oil. It’s possible you haven’t really thought about it but these are not the best types of materials for your body. (If you read many reviews of other plastic and/or rubber hair brushes, there are many complaints of the smell. Something producing bad smells like that can’t be all that great for your body!) The leading brands for hair brushes today are concerned about the style of their brushes and who has the latest technology for brushing your hair and/or who has the coolest cartoon characters for the kids. Care for your health and that of our beautiful planet often take a backseat. We want to go a step further and while giving the best brush possible, we don’t want you putting your health on the line while doing it. We want you using something in your hair that will give you the most benefit possible.

At Earth’s Daughter we are committed to bringing you the best quality products we possibly can and we are always looking to evolve our brand and our products so they are always better than everything else you find out there. Our brushes are made from the highest quality products possible, we have not cut corners anywhere. Even our travel set – which we are giving you here free of charge – is made from wood and each is mostly made by hand. We have made every effort to make them affordable by offering the travel set free of charge and by giving you a product that will last for years to come. Packaging everything in an Earth-friendly way is not easy and requires time and effort to do so. We feel that for our planet, it’s worth it. We feel that for you, it is worth it. Ours are different than your traditional hair brushes but I am sure that once you try them, you will be happy with the results and what you are doing for the environment and won’t want to use anything else again. So get yours now and support the evolution!

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